Silverspoon Single Released June 2008
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Silverspoon Single Released!
Silverspoon SinlgeWe are pleased to announce that after a long and fruitful gestation period we are now ready to give birth to the Silverspoon single.

It's available on limited edition electric blue 7" vinyl and is backed with Dictée Magique.

The vinyl comes with an exclusive code which enables you to download the single as a hi-quality mp3 so you can put it in your mp3 player and hang the record proudly on your wall!

Side A: Silverspoon
Side B: Dicteé Magique
Limited Edition 500

7" vinyl with free mp3 download version

£2.50 incl P&P

Dictée Magique Video
Dictee Magique VideoThe video has been finished for a while but we have been keeping it schtum whilst the interweb's curiosity grows but now we're happy to announce it right on these very pages... If you haven't seen it go and have a look now - it was made in Bruxelles and consists of over 4,000 individual photos. These have been carefully stitched together over a year by the visual alchemist that is Aaron F under the guidance of Arno.

Remix Largo
Tisting StillWe are going to be opening our hardrives up for remixes very soon. If you'd like to have a go at remixing Negative Thinking; let us know through the contact form and we'll send you the files...

We'll put all the tracks up on our remixes page and the best one may get to be the B-side to our first single...

Twisting Video In Production
Tisting StillWhilst in Bruxelles we spent a day shooting footage with Aaron F. for the new video to accompany the track Twisting. It will be added to the site as soon as it's finished - make sure you sign up to the mailing list to be notified when it's ready to be watched...